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Absorb+ Effective 48H Spray Deodorant
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Perspiration is an important natural process

Like the skin on your body, your underarm skin can be sensitive.

Perspiration, hair removal and friction are everyday irritants for your underarms, and deodorants, if too harsh, make them even more sensitive.
You may notice irritation, redness or tingling. This is why Rogé Cavaillès has formulated a range of deodorants and antiperspirants that meet the needs of the most sensitive skin.
All our products are alcohol-free, dermatologically tested and contain active Surgras to protect the skin.

Although perspiration is a natural and normal phenomenon, it differs from one person to another.
Our wide range enables us to meet everyone’s needs. There is a customized, effective Cavaillès solution for every type of perspiration, from low to excessive.
All our products offer clinically proven effectiveness thanks to the presence of ingredients with absorbent, antibacterial and soothing properties.

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