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Attractively-colored gels with 100% naturally-sourced extracts for intensive softness. The practical small format is ideal for taking anywhere.

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A range of fragrances with something to please everyone.

Extra-Gentle Lotus Flower Shower Gel
Extra-Gentle Sweet Almond Shower Gel
Extra-Gentle Rose Nectar Shower Gel
Moisturizing Cream Milk Shower Gel


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Dry skin : Good habits

Rogé Cavaillès Shower Gel: a gentle cleansing base that’s kind to skin

The Rogé Cavaillès shower gels are small-format, colorful shower gels with a soap-free base, and containing 100% naturally-sourced extracts of rose, almond and lotus. They delicately cleanse sensitive skin and help prevent dryness, thanks to special Surgras agents that strengthen the skin’s hydrolipidic film. They are formulated with a neutral pH, meaning they are kind to skin and provide daily protection for the skin’s microbiota.

Shower Gel for Dry Skin: intensive softness

This shower gel contains concentrated milk complex, glycerin and Sodium PCA, which is an NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor, meaning a compound that naturally maintains skin moisture levels). These ingredients deliver intensive softness to thoroughly moisturize your skin.

Shower Gels for Dry Skin in handy take-anywhere sizes

The shower gels are available in 200 ml format, making them ideal for taking anywhere.