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Low to normal perspiration

For women who are not willing to sacrifice either effectiveness or gentleness.

Low to normal perspiration

Keeps on working for 48 hours to combat odors and feelings of dampness.

Dermato Roll-On Deodorant
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Perspiration is an important natural process

The difference between deodorant and antiperspirant

The word “deodorant” is a generic term that is used frequently, but can sometimes cause confusion. A deodorant does not combat perspiration, but rather odors and the feeling of dampness. Instead of aluminum salts, its formula contains absorbent powders and fragrance. It is intended for both men and women with low to normal perspiration. An antiperspirant contains aluminum salts that reduce and control perspiration without completely blocking it. It is intended for people with normal to heavy perspiration.

Low to normal perspiration

Your perspiration is low to normal when its odor bothers you and affects your quality of life. A stressful meeting, a bit of exercise to help you unwind, or unexpectedly feeling hot… all these situations can trigger perspiration. Daily use of a deodorant is therefore recommended for tackling not just perspiration odors but also dampness. Applying deodorant is a daily hygiene measure that can be renewed several times a day.

The Dermato 48h deodorant range

To guarantee effectiveness and comfort, Rogé Cavaillès has created a deodorant with 0% aluminum salts that combats unpleasant odors with its formula that contains propolis extract, a naturally antibacterial agent. It also contains absorbent agents to combat the feeling of dampness, and rice oil and bisabolol to care for your skin. With its fresh, pleasant, longlasting fragrance, it helps you stay feeling confident in any situation.