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High tolerance deodorants for the most sensitive skin.

Dermato 20h Deodorant Range

High tolerance products with a choice of three galenics.

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Dermato Compressed Spray Deodorant
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Perspiration is an important natural process

Deodorant or Antiperspirant: what's the difference?

The word “deodorant” is a generic term that is used frequently, but can sometimes cause confusion. A deodorant does not combat perspiration, but rather odors and the feeling of dampness. Instead of aluminum salts, its formula contains absorbent powders and fragrance. It is intended for both men and women with low to normal perspiration. An antiperspirant contains aluminum salts that reduce and control perspiration without completely blocking it. It is intended for people with normal to heavy perspiration.

Deodorant for Sensitive Skin and Low Perspiration

For low perspiration and sensitive skin, the use of a special deodorant is indicated. Applying deodorant is a daily hygiene measure that can be renewed several times a day.

Deodorant for Sensitive Skin: The Dermato 24h range

The Dermato 24h range is a high tolerance range for the most sensitive skin. The aluminum-free, alcohol-free formula contains absorbent micro-talc together with soothing Surgras and Bisabolol, ingredients that are kind to skin and ensure complete, longlasting comfort. Dermato 24h deodorants have been clinically tested on sensitive and depilated skin.