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Irritation and inconvenience

Is your intimate area prone to irritation and itching? Discover our Mycolea + duo to soothe burning sensations and restore the balance of your intimate area.

The mycolea + range

An ultra-effective range to relieve the symptoms of intimate irritation.

Soothing intimate cream
Mycolea+ Soothing Intimate Cleanser


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Intimate cleaning: good habits

Intimate Irritation: a recurring phenomenon

Intimate irritation is common, the majority of women being affected at least once in their lives. Too-harsh toiletries, too-tight synthetic clothing, infections and hormonal disturbances can all cause intimate itching, burning or tingling sensations and fungal growth. All these discomforts hinder us in our daily lives and so we want to eliminate them immediately and permanently.

The Mycolea + range, the essential ally that combats vaginal irritation and prevents fungal infections

Cavaillès research and technological know-how has resulted in a range of soothing intimate care products specially designed to relieve and soothe intimate itching immediately and for up to 24 hours. The Mycolea + complex contains a natural antifungal agent, natural neem extract, and a calendula extract encapsulated in natural polysaccharide beads that adhere to the walls of the mucous membranes for prolonged diffusion of the active ingredients. The Mycolea + care formula also contains calendula and oats, recognized soothing active ingredients.