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Against the excessive perspiration

Discover our deodorant that provides non-stop protection from even the heaviest perspiration.

Excessive perspiration

Works non-stop to combat excessive perspiration.

Intense LP Roll-On Deodorant


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Perspiration is an important natural process

Heavy and excessive perspiration:

Perspiration is heavy or excessive when it negatively impacts your everyday life. To tackle this, opting for an antiperspirant that really curbs perspiration flow is recommended.

Excessive Perspiration: discover Intense LP Antiperspirant

To combat excessive perspiration, Rogé Cavaillès has developed an ultra-effective product that continuously releases its active ingredients while ensuring maximum tolerance. The Intense LP roll-on thus controls perspiration flow and contains sustained-release active ingredient microcapsules for non-stop effectiveness. Its creamy-textured formula was designed to minimize irritation and contains allantoin to soothe the skin.

The difference between deodorant and antiperspirant

The word “deodorant” is a generic term that is used frequently, but can sometimes cause confusion. A deodorant does not combat perspiration, but rather odors and the feeling of dampness. In terms of formulation, it does not contain aluminum salts, but rather fragrance and absorbent powders. It is intended for both men and women with low to normal perspiration. Antiperspirant, on the other hand, contains aluminum salts that reduce and control perspiration without completely blocking it. It is intended for people with normal to heavy perspiration.