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Excessive perspiration

For people with excessive perspiration, which can affect daily life, especially in social situations.

Understanding excessive perspiration

Hyperhidrosis: what is excessive perspiration?

The main role of perspiration is to regulate body temperature. When perspiration is more abundant than necessary for thermoregulation, we speak of excessive perspiration, or hyperhidrosis.

Causes of excessive sweating

There are two types of hyperhidrosis:
– Primary hyperhidrosis, generally linked to strong emotions, stress or physical effort
– Secondary hyperhidrosis, linked to a pathology such as diabetes or obesity.
Of the two types, primary hyperhidrosis is the more common, and affects the underarms in particular, although other parts of the body may be affected (palms of the hands, back, etc.).

The consequences of hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating is not considered a disease, but can be a great handicap in everyday life and can impact self-esteem. The consequences can not only be physical, such as sweaty hands or visible damp patches under the arms, but also psychological (stress, fear of being stared at).

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