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Choosing the right antiperspirant

Antiperspirant or Deodorant: what's the difference?

The word “deodorant” is a generic term that is used frequently, but can sometimes cause confusion. In terms of formulation, a deodorant does not contain aluminum salts. It does not combat perspiration but rather odors and the feeling of dampness. It generally contains more perfume and absorbent powders, and is intended for those with low to normal perspiration. An antiperspirant contains aluminum salts that reduce and control perspiration without completely blocking it. It is intended for people with normal to heavy perspiration.

Opt for an antiperspirant to combat perspiration

The use of an antiperspirant is recommended for moderate to strong perspiration, as part of the daily hygiene routine. To avoid irritation, applying antiperspirant to broken, shaved or freshly depilated skin is not recommended. Being composed of active antiperspirant ingredients, antiperspirants have an astringent action and help regulate perspiration for a few hours. After a few hours, the aluminum salts are evacuated and perspiration is no longer regulated.


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