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Dry skin

Do you have dry skin? Discover Cavaillès skin care products and banish tingling and tightness.

Dry or dehydrated skin: how do they differ?

Why does the skin dry out?

Dry skin does not lack water, but lipids, because the protective film (the hydrolipidic film) is no longer able to produce enough sebum to maintain its barrier function. As a result, external factors such as cold, wind, a very dry atmosphere or excessive washing (of the hands, for example) progressively weaken it and dry it out. The skin also tends to become more dehydrated with age. This is why it is essential to use care products every day to protect your skin.

How can you recognize dry skin?

Dry skin is a skin type just like oily, combination or normal skin. This means we cannot change its intrinsic characteristics but must instead give it care that suits its needs. Dry skin is mainly characterized by feeling rough to the touch, and being prone to tingling, tightness and visible dry patches (peeling skin, flaking, etc.).

What is dehydrated skin?

If skin is “dehydrated”, this simply means it is short of water. This occasional problem can affect any skin type (oily, dry or combination). It is characterized by occasional tightness, tingling and lack of suppleness, but no visible dryness or flaking. It is rather a feeling of discomfort. As a general rule, winter is when skin tends to be dehydrated, as a result of the weather and other seasonal irritations: drying wind, cold, pollution, central heating, etc.

Solid soap

Cavaillès care soaps, with their sensual textures, nourish dry skin to perfection.

Relaxing Cream Soap

Bath & shower gels

The Surgras bath milks are real moisturizing emulsions, lly designed for maximum comfort and softness during and after showering.

Bath and Shower Milk – Moisturizing
Moisturizing Bath & Shower Milk – Fig Milk

Shower oils & creams

Cavaillès shower oils and creams combine pleasure with an ultra-nourishing formula to make showering a real treat.

Almond & Rose Shower Cream
Shea Butter & Magnolia Shower Cream

Nutrissance moisturizing range

Body-moisturizing products containing vitamin-rich Surgras, researched by and exclusive to Cavaillès, that nourishes the skin for improved moisturization.

Moisturizing Cream Milk Shower Gel