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Daily hygiene routine

Your skin is delicate, and your intimate area even more so. Discover Cavaillès intimate hygiene products, which combine high tolerance and longlasting protection.

How to take care of your intimate area on a daily basis?

Feminine Intimate Hygiene: what are the best practices?

An intimate hygiene routine is essential for women, and not to be neglected. Special intimate hygiene products should be used.

Why use special intimate hygiene products for daily cleansing?

A woman’s body is subject to a host of hormonal fluctuations, and it changes in step with the menstrual cycle, the various stages of life, and external phenomena (such as stress, fatigue, or medical treatment). This has direct consequences for the intimate flora. The intimate flora is our protective barrier against genital infections. It consists of the bacteria that live inside the vagina. There are billions of them and, in their normal state, they cohabit harmoniously. There is of course an abundance of good bacteria, Lactobacilli, which defend against external irritants and maintain an acid pH, around 5.5, for the external area. But there are also “bad” bacteria that are not serious irritants in low numbers, but which can become pathogenic in the event of an imbalance. This is why it is necessary to protect the intimate flora every day by providing it with the right kind of care for your time of life. An intimate hygiene product contains an ultra-soft base and ingredients specially selected to care for the intimate area.

What’s the right way to protect the intimate flora?

– For your daily hygiene routine use a gentle, flora-friendly cleanser, for example one rich in prebiotics and with a neutral pH value
– Do not use a washcloth
– Avoid wearing too-tight clothes
– Use extra protection when taking medication


There’s an Cavaillès intimate hygiene product for every time of life. The range consists of five products whose formulas are adapted to the needs of every girl and woman at every stage of life.

Natural Antibacterial Intimate Cleanser
Natural Extra-Gentle Intimate Cleanser
Natural freshness intimate cleanser
Natural moisturizing intimate cleanser
Extra-Soft Intimate Hygiene Wipes
Moisturizing Intimate Wipes