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Daily hygiene routine for little girls

A little girl’s intimate area is particularly delicate and all the more prone to irritation during potty training. It therefore requires special care.

Taking care of a little girl's intimate area

Intimate Hygiene Routine for Little Girls: why use a particular product?

A little girl’s intimate area is particularly sensitive and delicate. Hair is not yet present, hormonal protection is low until puberty (no protective flora and no hormonal impregnation) and the skin is thin and delicate. Moreover, at this age, hygiene for this part of the body can sometimes be less than ideal: little girls often don’t take the time to wipe themselves after bathing or showering, and more importantly after having a bowel movement at school where cleanliness is not always as it should be. That’s why one way to protect against infection is to adopt the right habits and products for daily intimate hygiene. A Children’s Intimate Hygiene Gel should be used daily. Between 50 and 70%* of intimate area problems in little girls (dryness, development of minor irritations, etc.) arise from inappropriate hygiene habits.

What are the right daily habits?

You need to make your little girl aware from a very early age of the importance of good intimate hygiene, by explaining to her how delicate this part of her body is. Start a hygiene routine with her that’s designed especially for her intimate area, and which she can do by herself when she’s older. At the age of around 3 to 4 years a little girl can start washing herself. Learning about intimate hygiene like this is a gentle way of helping your little girl get to know her own body. In addition, your little girl needs to gradually learn that after each visit to the potty or toilet she needs to wipe herself from front to back to prevent stool-borne bacteria from spreading to the entrance of the vulva. It is important that she learns the “right” habit very early on, so that it becomes automatic and protects her from any problems that might otherwise arise.

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