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Atopic skin

Your dry to very dry skin is particularly delicate. If it becomes rough, scaly and reddened, with persistent itching, you have skin with an atopic tendency that requires special care.

What is atopic skin?

What is atopic skin?

Skin with an atopic tendency is an extremely delicate skin type. It is characterized by an alteration of the cutaneous that makes skin dry, more vulnerable to external irritants and predisposed to allergies, making it particularly sensitive to potential allergens. This common condition is on the increase and can appear at a very early age. Its prevalence in France has been increasing for the last 30 years owing to factors such as pollution and lifestyle. Atopia or atopic eczema is apparent from the appearance of a range of symptoms, such as redness and itching, or scaly, thickened skin. These symptoms vary in severity and may be worsened by scratching.

What can be used to treat atopy?

Atopy is treated under medical supervision and with specific medication. Atopic skin has special needs, so it is advisable to apply emollients and use a customized cleansing product that preserves the cutaneous barrier.


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