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All about aluminums salts

Deodorant and Antiperspirant: what's the difference?

The word “deodorant” is a generic term that is used frequently, but can sometimes cause confusion. A deodorant does not combat perspiration, but rather odors and the feeling of dampness. In terms of formulation, it does not contain aluminum salts, but rather fragrance and absorbent powders. It is intended for both men and women with low to normal perspiration.

An antiperspirant contains aluminum salts that reduce and control perspiration without completely blocking it. It is intended for people who have excess perspiration (normal to heavy or even excessive perspiration).

What are aluminum salts?

Aluminum salts are used in antiperspirants because they reduce sweat while allowing the skin to breathe.

How do aluminum salts work? On contact with sweat, aluminum salts dissolve and form a thin film on the surface of the skin, limiting the flow of perspiration through the pores while allowing the skin to breathe.

Aluminum salts are the most effective ingredients for reducing perspiration. Aluminum salts, in addition to being excellent antiperspirants, are powerful bactericides and will therefore be able to prevent odors. This is because unpleasant odors are caused by the bacteria of the cutaneous microbiota breaking down sweat. By destroying these bacteria, aluminum salts also reduce body odor.


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